What Does It Take to Make Great Content?

June 5, 2015 by Lisa Chung


When it comes to putting together a content marketing team, the common advice is to hire career journalists and editors. The main reason being that they are professionally trained to create engaging content that keeps readers in mind first — not your brand. While that may not make complete sense to you as a business owner trying to push your brand or product as much as possible, there’s solid reasoning behind this advice.

Among journalists and publishers, creating content is meaningful, not a task completed to add to the noise in hopes that people read your content. Instead, pieces written by journalists or publishers aim to add a certain level of insight and spark new types of thinking. When brainstorming topics to write about, a conscientious journalist considers how the topic is relevant to the brand and business altogether. Because natural journalists and publishers are deliberate about the content they are researching and writing, it does not come through as cheap. A brand shouldn’t comment on a trending story simply because it is trending and they want to piggy-back off its success. Developing original content that is relevant takes creativity, and can also be second nature. Consider common questions people have about your industry, business or product. How can you answer these questions in an interesting, engaging way? Would it be best delivered in a blog post, infographic or video?

Traditional journalists and editors set great standards and stick to those standards each and every time they create and publish content. Similarly, brands should develop and stay true to high standards with a commitment to creating new, original content that is in line with the brand’s mission and goals.

Know your audience
In order to begin creating engaging content, it’s important to understand your audience, beyond simply demographics. What do they enjoy? What have they already watched, read and talked about with their friends? Understand the purposes of evergreen content and trending pieces What are your readers coming to you for?

Evergreen content is useful for positioning your brand as an expert on certain topics and it is beneficial for SEO purposes. Quick hit, or trending pieces, can drive additional traffic to your site while allowing your business to comment on relevant news. Tracking and understanding the traffic brought in by evergreen content and more news-y content can also lend itself to developing new content.

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