Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become the marketing buzzword of the moment.  In the rush to attract fans and followers, brands have begun to increase their investment in the digital space in the form of social media.  While the primary goal for many are looking to increase their community, the key to succeeding in the digital space can be summed up in a single word: engagement.

Here at Movable Content, we believe engagement  is defined when brands and fans connect.  Whether it be comments, posts, tweets, photos – even negative feedback – all are a form of engagement.  And while putting out fires is not necessarily desired, solving problems directly through social media is one of the most powerful uses of this marketing tool.  Transparency is essential and very powerful when used wisely.

Need your Facebook or Twitter community managed for growth?  We can help you build your fan and follower base while also producing content campaigns that provide a reason to engage. Simply put, we “like” creating great social media experiences for fans and followers and making brand engagement happen.