Letting Your Social Audience Know You’re Paying Attention

March 30, 2012 by Sherrell Dorsey

By Sherrell Dorsey


According to PRNewswire curating effective social media messages requires a unique formula of part audience interest, social discussions and relevant subject areas. In other words, to grab your audience’s attention, keep their attention and continue to keep them interested in your social content, you’ll need to build a social collaboration strategy that allows them to trust you.

Re-tweeting, responding to comments and interacting frequently with your audience shows consistent engagement and interaction that your audience will value. How many times have you witnessed stagnant brands that tweet or post once a week or completely neglect their blogs and customer service complaints? Don’t let your social media engagement fall short.

Think of content curation and collaboration as a two-way street. By re-posting links, including commentary and links from other bloggers and news channels, you offer flattery to your sources, provide relevance to your audience and stay on top of the conversation. Mastering your social media development isn’t about standing on your soap box and announcing your agenda, it’s about becoming part of the shifting agenda that happens online.

Always look for customer and audience feedback to learn, grow and adapt to the current social media environment. By understanding and combing through complaints, questions and issues that can spell opportunities for your brand. These “virtual focus groups” are the meat and potatoes for driving your present and future social content curation plans.

As your team begins to plug into the core of social content collaboration, developing timely responses and campaign will become less of a daunting task.


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